What is Chelsea? The Chelsea System is an internet-based court booking system that is designed to distribute court times in a fair and consistent manner.
Making a Court Time Request for Daily Play
The REQUEST feature is used for any court times needed eight days out from today. Steps needed to make a request: 1.) under the request tab, click add request (players may also edit a request and delete a request in this tab), 2.) the player will pick the date they would like to play, 3.) they will add in their requested time (ideal time), their earliest time (time must be before their requested time), and their latest time (time must be after their requested time), 4.) select their number of court times (1 constitutes four people and 2 constitutes two groups of four. Keep in mind there can only be a maximum of 2 court request reservations at a time, 5.) click player information, 6.) enter players names by clicking the magnifying glass to enter by last name, or the player can enter the tennis member’s number. If there are any guests, the player making the request can toggle to guest under the guest tab and enter their full name under guest first name and guest last name, 7.) when the player finishes adding all the players to the request, they will hit the submit button at the bottom of the page and receive a confirmation number (players must keep record of this number in order to go back and edit information within the request). Please note, this is only a request confirmation number and does not guarantee the court time.
To Make a Guaranteed Court Time
The BOOKING feature is used for any court times within a week from today. Steps needed to make a booking: 1.) under the booking tab, click add a booking (players may edit a booking, change a time and court, and delete a booking), 2.) the player will pick the date they would like to play, 3.) Choose a range of times from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (please keep in mind, court times are in 1 ½ hour increments), 4.) enter players names by clicking the magnifying glass to enter by last name, or the player can enter the tennis member number. If there are any guests, the player making the booking can toggle to guest under the guest tab and enter their full name under guest first name and guest last name, 5.) then click refresh times, 6.) click once on the corresponding time with preferred court, 7.) a yellow highlight will indicate which time and court you have chosen, 8.) click submit (document any confirmation number in case you need to go back and edit any information).
How do I Log onto Chelsea?
Click on the blue "BOOK A COURT" button above.
Once you arrive at the Chelsea log-in, you will need to log-in with your Chelsea member # (provided to you by the Golf Shop) and password. (If it is your first time signing into Chelsea your Password will be Hide123).
What Should My Chelsea Log-in Number Be?
Contact the Golf Shop to verify your log-in number.
When Will Players Receive Confirmation of their Court Time/s?
An email is sent automatically by the system a few minutes after following completion of the request if there are no conflicts.

How Does the System Handle Duplicate Sign-Ups?
Duplicate sign-ups will be rejected at the time of the attempt.
How do Guests Count in the System?
You are charged one point for each guest through Chelsea. When you sign up a guest, they will be placed under your Chelsea number. Please make sure you are in the captain’s spot and make sure to put their full name when signing them up. Each member may have up to three guests when making a court time request. No un-sponsored guests will be allowed to make a request.
What if I Do Not Receive a Court Time?
When the court sheet is processed for a particular day, if there are more court times requested than are available, the groups that get “bumped” are put on an over-flow list for that day. Being placed on the over-flow list indicates that you have not received a court time and should monitor the court sheet for cancellations, as openings will be filled on a "first-come, first-served" basis.
No Show and Cancellation Policy
Members are responsible for checking the Chelsea court time system for their court times. If a situation arises where the member and/or guest cannot make their court time, the member is responsible for notifying the Golf Shop 24 hours in advance of their starting time.
Chelsea Violation Process
Chelsea violation definition: Any submission of a Chelsea court time request which could result in an unfair advantage for an individual or group over other submitted court time requests.
This includes (but are not limited to):
  • Including a person on the court time request who is not intending to play. Examples include but are not limited to: a.) a person known to be out of the area, b.) a person known to be unable to play tennis for short term medical reasons, c.) a person with low Chelsea points, who will be replaced after placement with a high-point alternate, d.) listing of four players while playing less than those listed (this blocks other members from obtaining this court time). 
  • Including tennis player and/or “guests” to lower the average team Chelsea points for the request and then subbing out those slots with others after the court sheet has been published.
  • Including tennis players or “guests” to fill out a foursome to prevent the group from having to play with someone not in their group.
Who is Included in the Disciplinary Process?
  • Any member who was directly involved in the violation. This would include: 1.) the member (captain) who made the court time that was in violation of the rules, 2.) any person whose name was included in the request who was not intending to play (see examples in “What is a Chelsea violation” section above), and 3.) any person who substitutes in.  
  • Each person determined to be in violation, whether listed singularly or as part of a group in Chelsea, is viewed as a violation separately and singularly. Any subsequent violations are also counted singularly and separately, if they occur, and will result in additional violations as noted in the ladder of discipline detailed below.
Ladder of Discipline
  • First violation – Offending party(parties) will receive a written warning reminding them of The Hideaway’s Chelsea request policies.
  • Second & subsequent violations – Violators will receive “penalty” Chelsea points in an increasing multiplier method. Second violation- double Chelsea points, Third violation- triple Chelsea points, Fourth violation- quadruple Chelsea points, etc.
Responsible Parties
  • The Head Golf Pro will be responsible for: identification of potential violations; receiving reports of potential violations from golf staff or tennis members; investigating potential violations - including any needed dialogue, remedial education, and/or follow-up with tennis members, vetting actual violations. 
  •  Any questions regarding the Chelsea Reservation System, please contact their customer support help line which is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-800-848-8291 ext. 4.