Current Daily Golf Rates


Fee Description May - October (Summer Season)  
Resident Fees 18-holes 9-Holes  
Golf Member cart fee only* cart fee only*  
Owner Non-Member $35.00 $22.50  
Renter $36.00 $23.00  
  May - October (Summer Season)  
Non-Resident Fees 18-holes 9-Holes 18-Holes with Lunch
Summer Golf Member Cart Fee $15.00 $7.50  
Guest of Golf Member $30.00 $20.00  
Guest of Owner Non-Member $35.00 $20.00  
Guest of Renter $36.00 $23.00  
Reciprocal Golfer $36.00 $20.00 $44.00
Guest of Reciprocal Golfer $39.00 $22.00 $47.00
PGA Player's Pass $38.00 $23.00 $48.00
Public Golfer $41.00 $25.00 $49.00
*Cart Fees: 18-Holes $15, 9-Holes $7.5, No fee for personal carts

Summer Golf Memberships

Area golfers are encouraged to take part in our "Summer Golf Membership" Program...

2020 Summer Golf Membership

May - October

$250($266.25 incl. tax)

Unlimited Golf (Through October 31)

$15 Daily Golf Car Fee

1 Complimentary Guest Pass

USGA Handicap Services


For more details download our promotional flyer at the following link...

**The Hideaway Country Club Summer Membership Promotional Flyer**


To join fill out the following form and return it, along with your check for $266.25, to the administration department at The Hideaway Country Club's clubhouse...

**Summer Golf Application**

General Club Information

The Hideaway Country Club is a private community offering residents and their guests golf playing opportunities throughout the year.  The Hideaway Country Club also invites reciprocal players from other local golf clubs as well as public play during the months of May through October.


It is with great pride that we ask that all golfers treat our facility with the utmost care and respect.
Care and Etiquette:
  • Please sand all divots and repair all ball marks.
  • Be prepared to play golf 5 minutes in advance of your tee time.
  • Play ready golf by keeping up with the golf group ahead of you.
  • If you might have damaged the golf course, equipment and/or a home, please report the incident to the golf shop.

Dress Code:

  • Tennis shorts, cutoffs, blue jeans, tank tops, and tee shirts are inappropriate golf attire. 
  • Men should wear collared or approved mock turtle neck shirts. 
  • Women may wear a collared shirt with no sleeves or a collarless shirt with sleeves. 
  • The Hideaway Country Club does not allow shoes with metal, ceramic, or other hard material spikes.

Golf Car Policy:

  • To operate a golf car, the driver must have a valid driver’s license.
  • Players using golf cars assume full responsibility for damages or injuries to property or persons that result from or through the use of the car.
  • Par 3 holes are restricted to car path only at all times. 
  • On par 4 and par 5 holes players may enter the grass after the green stake and return to the path before the red stake.
  • Avoid wet areas, slopes and lake banks, and tracks made by other cars.
  • Only 2 people to a golf car at any time.

Disability-Flag Policy:
Requests for permission to utilize a disability-
flag must be granted by the golf shop.  A refundable flag fee of $20 will be charged prior to your round.  Privileges apply only to the disabled individual, not other occupants of the car.

  • Disabled golfers may park their golf cars at the blue stakes when traveling closer than the “no car” red stakes.
  • Disabled individuals may take the car off the path on par 3’s.
  • On car path only days, anyone with a disability-flag must remain on the paths.


Golf Privileges

All Owners, Members and Renters are able to utilize the following golf services:

  • 2-day advanced golf bookings
  • Member/guest play
  • Availability to join our MGA and WGA
  • Participation in organized golf activities such as Sunday Couples, Village Outings, and various golf events
  • USGA handicap scoring

Renter Golf Privileges

Any person who is renting a condo within the Hideaway can play golf for the length of their rental agreement.  All renters will receive the following additional golf services:

  • Up to 2-day golf booking privileges
  • Reduced golf fees with purchase of advanced golf packages